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Security Fencing

When you need to restrict access to your property, we can provide you with a custom security fence and gate to meet your project’s specifications.  Picket Ridge Fencing offers high-security commercial fence solutions.

Our high-security fencing and gates are paired with the top security systems. Our skill and experience in the high-security market allow us to offer professional and efficient installations with a wide range of options.

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Fencing provides a solution that defines property boundaries and accents your commercial property’s curb appeal. This commercial fence application is offered in a variety of materials such as chain link, metal, wood, and vinyl. Your perimeter fence can encompass your entire property, geographical features, or amenities.

Several factors will help to determine the best perimeter fence system for your property. Some of these factors require compliance with local building code, type of soil or surface for installation, and any added purposes for fence functionality. Our experienced fence craftsmen will provide you with the perfect perimeter fence solution.

Commercial Perimeter Fence

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